Wire electrode

RENO adhesive electrodes are designed and intended to be used with TENS and EMS application. 

RENO electrodes provide the optimal adherence and conductivity between TENS generator and the patient's skin.


Different hydro-gels for your option: S-Gel, T-Gel, A-Gel, etc.

Other cover materials in different colors are also available: white/colored/printed fabric, white foam, PET, etc.


Key Features

◆   Offer optimal adherence to skin and conductive material alike.

◆   Provide maximum durability longevity and performance

◆   Low impedance and high conductivity

◆   Greatest variety in sizes, shapes, colors, backing materials and protective liner

◆   Latex free

Life time     24~36 months

Re-use time    25~35 times

Storage temperature    0 ~ 40°C

Relative humidity   30~80%



*Other sizes and shapes are also available