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For over 10 years, RENO has been a comprehensive medical product supplier in the field of pain management, rehabilitation, and medical wellness. We believe that building a strong relationship with our customers helps us develop unrivalled innovative pain relief products, which improves the life quality for both the young and the elderly. With years of research and exploring, we have developed 3 major product lines, which are electrodes (RecoverPad), TENS unit (ReaMed), and accessories (ReaJoy). All our products have got FDA approved CE certificate, and Health Canada Certificate.

All RENO electrodes are produced with an automatic production line, which does not only reduce the labor cost, but also stabilize the quality. With the goal of being the most comprehensive and best quality electrodes provider in China, we have been focusing on quality improvement and new products development at the same time. We also have a gel research team to develop particular gel for special medical purpose. Our recent products include buffered return electrode for Iontophoresis therapy and anesthesia electrode. RecoverPad electrodes provide the optimal adherence and conductivity with low impendence. The standard gel used on electrodes are A-Gel, T-Gel, S-Gel, and Z-Gel. 

Our TENS unit R&D team, which tends to develop TENS unit that can help each individual with his/her own medical issues, including chronic pain, dysmenorrheal, weight control. etc. Device size, electrode type, and frequency are all the options for you to choose based on different request. We also accept OEM and ODM requests. 

We have also developed other production line to better help people regarding health issues, which are under our brand. Ice and hot packs are designed to help people with acute injury, chronic pain, dropsy, and muscle fatigue. This product are popular among white collar workers and sports lovers. Heating pad and conductive garment are designed to help people with chronic pain and other medical issues. They are frequently used as auxiliary therapy method.

Company Culture

We founded Reno with the purpose of improving people’s Life quality, and we try to achieve that by dedicating ourselves to new product innovation and quality improvement. People’s demand and feedback are what care most. Every member of Reno believe the concept of “People-oriented, Top Quality, Advanced Technology, Quality Service”. Pain and disease are unavoidable, but we hope with the effort we put, people will feel at least less painful. 


In order to save earth resources and protect environment, Reno is committed to environment-friendly businesses, including promoting efficient usage of resources, inventing environment-friendly technologies, and developing products with consideration of the natural environment. 

Besides, Reno insists to invest on Eco-Friendly Material, and we strickly
follow the international environment protection standard (RoHs...).